Ever wonder what a business looks like inside before visiting it? With Google Business View, it’s now possible.

If you’ve ever needed directions to walk, bus or drive anywhere new, chances are you’ve used Google Maps to lead you in the right direction. Since its inception in 2005, Google Maps’ popularity has grown in leaps and bounds, exceeding 200 million mobile users in 2011 alone and saving an average of 2 years/day with the Google Maps traffic routing functionality. More importantly, more users are using Google Maps on their smart phones and 20% of Google searches are for local information.

What if there was a way for a business owner to harness that local digital traffic, convert it to physical traffic and customers through your front door? Google Business View is your answer.

What is Google Business View and how can it help your business?

Google Business View, formerly known as Google Business Photos takes the streetview experience inside business establishments. Google teamed up with Trusted photographers and Google Business View Trusted Agencies to offer Google Virtual Tours in selected territories worldwide. Virtuo360 with offices in Toronto, Montreal and New York has coverage for your brand Canada, as well as the United States.
Businesses spend thousands, sometimes millions marketing their business to the world. The good news is, we have the ultimate tool: the internet (and Google). Try this: Google your business. What do you see?
  • The map on the top right
  • The pin with the location of your business
  • All of this at the top of the search results
Now imagine your business interior being in that same exact spot… Think about the exposure… To showcase what you worked so hard to build to show people who have never been inside your business what you have to offer.
Google has made it easier for customers to find them on Google search, Google Maps and Google+ Local; with just one click, you can now “See Inside” businesses from a Computer:

Or, from your mobile device:

Google Maps on Android
Google Maps on Apple iOS

Have you heard of Google Street View? A service created by Google and part of Google maps which allows users to be transported to a virtual street view of any road just about anywhere in the world directly from your computer, tablet or smart phone? Google has taken Street View to a new level, literally. Launched in 2011, Google Business View is 360 virtual tour of your business that integrates seamlessly with the Street View feature in Google Maps. Sometimes referred to as Google Inside Street View, Google Business View is a technology that uses high-quality panoramic imagery that allows your customers to enter your business and walk around as if they were physically there.
By offering a virtual tour of your business on Google, you are opening your doors to existing and future, potential clients who are actively searching Google, maximizing your business exposure and allowing users to find you, and see you with virtual ease of access.
In a nutshell, Google Business View help you stand out on Google search results, enhance your Google+ local listing and displays your business images on Google Maps.

How Google Business View can help you grow your business:
  • Be virtual: offers customers a Google virtual tour to browse your products, interior design and store layout before visiting you store
  • Be visible: allows users to see Google Business View displayed directly in the Google search results page
  • Be found: publishes in Google search results, Google+ local pages, Google Maps and other Google properties
  • Be cutting-edge: integrates seamlessly with Google Street View to offer a virtual user experience unlike any other
  • Be linked: directs online traffic to your business website, social pages and more using HTML snippets or Maps APIs
  • Be liked: engages your customer by giving them an opportunity to walk around, explore and interact with your store

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t always judge a business by its storefront. Google Business View are a great way to showcase your business in front of potential customers and stand out from the competition. Millions of people will get a chance to experience and preview your business from the comfort from their home and best of all; it’s a free service accessible by everyone.

This is what your business will look like in the search results, check out what we did for the
Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

Connect users directly to the images we take of your business, and then upload as many photos as you want to your Local + page, This is also what we did to the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto Local + page.

This is your business