Showcase your business with Google Maps Business View and invite potential customers to take a virtual tour of your store, car dealership restaurant or office!

Virtuo360 is an award-winning marketing firm with offices in New York, Toronto and Montreal. We specialize in Google Business View, Local Business Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Marketing and Digital Marketing. We use state-of-the-art “Street View” technology to enhance your presence on Google search, Google Maps and Google+ with a premium-quality, 360 degree virtual tour.

As a Google Business View Trusted Agency, we have serviced top clients across Canada and the USA such as the Shangri-La Hotel, McDonald’s, Rogers, Mercedes-Benz, Vaughan Mills Mall, GoodLife Fitness Clubs across Canada, Spartan Fitness, Cadillac Fairview mall, the top restaurants of NYC Restaurant Week, and many more.

Getting your business listed on Google Business View is simple, fast and affordable. Our team of Google Business View trusted photographers across the Canada and the USA can work around your schedule to perform quality photo shoots to show all views of your business. The results are live on Google Maps Business View in just a few weeks. In addition to Google search, Business View can easily embed onto your website with the Google Maps API or simple HTML. Virtuo360 has been chosen by thousands of businesses across North America, from single businesses to brands with hundreds of locations that require top notch logistics to roll out there local brand online, why, because were organized and our quality is TOP NOTCH.


Businesses everywhere are adopting Google Business View because of the many benefits it provides. During NYC Restaurant Week, Business View helped diners decide where they wanted to eat. Restaurants attracted more customers and drove a higher level of engagement with the help of Business View. Google Maps Street View and Business View offered fully interactive tours of restaurant interiors to give diners a new way to explore participating restaurants’ interior design and atmosphere. 55% of participating restaurants had Business View. Results showed that diners were more likely to reserve a table at those restaurants. This compelling visual imagery offered restaurants a valuable competitive edge; on average, restaurant listings with Business View had a 30% higher click-through rate to reservations. 84% of 1300 surveyed customers said the virtual tour was a factor in helping them with their restaurant choice.

How else can Google Business View help your business?

If you have ever needed directions to an unfamiliar location, chances are you have used Google Maps. The popularity of this service has increased by leaps and bounds since its inception. More and more users are using Google Maps on their smartphones. 20% of Google searches are for local information. Use Maps Business View to convert that local digital traffic to physical traffic and customers through your front door. By spending your marketing budget on the ultimate tools (Google and the Internet), expose the inside of your business to show people what you have to offer.

Google Business View works on all platforms.

Computer, smartphone and tablet users around the world will be able to step inside your business by one simple click. The high-quality Virtuo360 award winning panoramic imagery will allow customers to enter your business and walk around as if they were physically there. With Business View integrated seamlessly with the Street View feature in Google Maps, you will be able to maximize your business exposure by standing out on Google search results. Millions of people around the world will be able to experience and preview your business from the comfort of their home.


There is more! Virtuo360 is the leading digital marketing firm providing solutions to get your business found online and locally, browse our services, find something that works for you and give us a call, one of our local specialist will gladly sit down and assist you and making sure traffic starts walking through your door.

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