Today’s average consumer has a fairly short attention span but is exposed to numerous marketing tactics and advertisements on a daily basis. Video is by far one of the most influential marketing methods in use today, due to its ability to inform and persuade more effectively than any other media type. Video brings your audience into a visceral experience that engages them both visually and orally.

Instead of just explaining your business in text, why not actually show potential customers how they can use and benefit from your products and services? Why not use video to humanize your brand? Video is particularly effective in showcasing the more intangible benefits of a product. For example, consider the benefits of developing promotional videos for luxury real estate. To sell multi-million dollar properties, you are selling more than just features and an address; you are selling a lifestyle. To sell a lifestyle, video can help in telling a story and connecting on an emotional level with potential customers.

We believe any business can benefit from video marketing. Businesses looking to create a powerful online presence and reach a wider targeted audience more effectively should consider VVM. According to a study by Cisco, consumer Internet video traffic globally will be 69% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017 (up from 57% in 2012!).

Why Video Marketing?
Because it’s .. AWESOME! Appealing and attention grabbing, Widen your reach to your targeted audience, Entertaining and engaging, SEO (Google Loves Videos!), Optimize ROI – Low cost, high return,Metrics – you can measure hits, impact and effectiveness, Easy to share and circulate

What to Consider

When you subscribe to our Virtual Video Marketing (VVM) package, you may need to sign a waiver stating that you will not hold the Provider, Virtuo360Global, liable for the increase in traffic and business as a consequence of using our service.

When you are ready to get started, we will develop a campaign strategy to land your business on the first page of the world’s #1 search engine (Google) and the #1 video sharing website (Youtube). We guarantee to increase your online presence.