SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
What does Social SEO mean? It refers to the part that social media links and interaction play at ranking up a website on search engines.

Social is quickly becoming an important signal of relevance. How you appear on social pages and how you interact with people determines what kind of social presence you have. Virtuo Social Media Management can help you define that presence. Whether it is a particular brand image or reputation you want, we will create a social media plan to steer your business in the right direction. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the major social networks we’ll get you set up with. Beyond that we’ll figure out if Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest are appropriate for your goals.

A website with good content is not enough anymore. To effectively build up your business’ online presence, you have to take into account your social media activities which may be a large factor in how you rank on search engine results. Traditionally, SEO revolved around using the right keywords on your website and the number of authoritative sites that linked back to your content. With the arrival and growing popularity of social media, search engines began to incorporate social signals such as Facebook likes, retweets, +1s, and general engagement of your content to inform their search results. As a result, a successful social media campaign across various social networks will result in growing your overall web presence.

Google’s ranking algorithm pays attention to websites’ “pulse rates” on social media channels. This includes how often you share content on social channels, how often your website is visited for social channels, how many fans/followers you have on your social channels, how often they interact with your content, and more. Websites with high levels of social engagement will eventually be seen by Google and ranked up on search results.

Social SEO is all about optimizing your content across your social media networks. With VSS, we help you do just that. We will understand your business, define your target audience, identify your goals and create a plan to reach them. We will focus on your existing social media strategy and brainstorm ways to improve it. This may include optimizing your social media profiles, optimizing your social media content and updates, building links to make your content shareable, providing a more exciting and valuable experience for your audience which will ultimately lead to more interaction and a higher ranking on Google.