Searching for where to buy a new pair of sneakers? Is it time to find a new dentist? Where should you go for a steak dinner tonight? When you search for any type of local business, Google will typically display the top seven local results. For example, type in “Steakhouses in Toronto” on Google and you will be shown the top seven steakhouses – their basic details will be on the left and their locations will be pinned on the map on the right. For any type of business, being listed as one of the top seven results will dramatically increase traffic to your website and business.

One important element to keep in mind is how people interact with search engines. Understanding how and what the average searcher (more specifically, your target market) is looking for can help you effectively reach and keep those users. The search engines’ primary goal is to serve relevant results to their users. When users search for local information, Google will display their top relevant results on the first page. According to a study in SEOmoz’s Beginners Guide to SEO, 79% of searchers are looking for local information. In another study conducted in 2011 by Search Engine Land, 71% value and trust the information they find in local search results.

Implementing Local Search Optimization will help your business be noticed, drive online traffic to your website and foot traffic into your store, restaurant, or office.

Just like website results, Google has a unique algorithm used to determine which seven businesses show up on that first page of results. With our Local Search Optimization (LSO) service, we’ll develop a personalized strategy for your business and help you climb the ranks to that first page. This may involve editing your website text to incorporate generic local search terms, search terms with local modifiers, emphasizing the postal code where necessary, optimizing the town and city name, and much more. Different target groups interact differently with search engines. For example, younger audiences may focus more on generic search terms while older audiences do the opposite and focus on search terms with local modifiers. We will create a personalized LSO plan for you to target your specific market.

Unlike the quick turnaround time on some of our other services, LSO usually takes three to six months to see results (unless you happen to be the only business of your kind in town!). For the reasons listed above, you can be sure it is well worth the time and investment.