Last week Virtuo360 Global had a chance to present at Toronto’s Digital Media Summit 2013. The response was overwhelming.It was such an eye-opening experience! We got to hear unique insight from industry leaders on digital media, marketing, social media, branding and so much more. Every participant was there to learn as much as they were there to speak, and I think that really made the difference. Thankfully, Virtuo360 Global’s presentation went very well. I had a chance to describe the company, our mission, our strategy and the benefit of a virtual tour to SEO, social marketing and digital branding. The best part? The response we received. I think we truly reached out to a whole new audience and they reached back. We had multiple discussions with many interesting people about showcasing their business on a virtual tour on Google Street View and the value of enhancing the brand through Google. We also made a lot of rewarding connections. We’d like to thank everyone who reached out to connect, the Digital Media Summit, as well as all the presenters. It was one crazy experience! Next year be sure to visit the Digital Media Summit. If you did have a chance to see our presentation please let us know what you thought in the comments or on Twitter @Virtuo360Global!