In order to best serve your branding needs Virtuo is partners with Toronto based strategic online marketing firm Knight Bishop & Queen (KBQ).
KBQ is the edge your brand needs, employing a team of writers, designers, social marketers and brand strategists that delve deep into your industry to pull out what’s been done, what hasn’t, and what needs to be done socially and visually to make your brand awesome.
Together KBQ and Virtuo takes the all-encompassing approach. Everything from your website to your social media can be branded intelligently. Your words and your visuals will finally reflect not just the brand you are, but the brand you want to be.

KBQ services include:

  1. App and Web Development/Design
  2. Industry Thought Leadership and Direction
  3. Strategic Branding and Brand Management
  4. Inbound Marketing and Communications
  5. SEO Strategy/Marketing
KBQ is all about strategically investing in the channels that will win your brand social advocates and followers. These in turn, generate leads and customers. Investing in a social strategy, with the visuals to back it, encourages returns that never remain static. They only compound and grow. By elevating your company to level of Thought Leader, you can evolve your business into a stronger, smarter brand.